• Urban Nomad

    Working at the same place every day is history. Nowadays an office can exist out of no more than a laptop and a cell phone. A flexible workplace has become part of our everyday existence. The ‘Urban Nomad’ is a translation of modern-day living and working. It is made out of solid oak wood and has been designed in a recognizable shape of a wheelbarrow that gives the desk a familiar look. The ‘Urban Nomad’ has all kinds of functional features. For instance the frame around the desktop gives more than just privacy! Since the frame is made out of blue steel you can easily attach a pencil case, memo holder and paper rolls on account of magnets. It’s been provided with a power strip beneath the desktop, which you can use for all your electronics by simply using the whole in the desktop. In the detachable compartment you can store your stationary. Whether your at home, at work chasing the sun of your favorite co-worker you can go anywhere with the Urban Nomad by the smart wheel construction.

    oak, multiplex, blue steel
    l: 150cm | b 74cm | d:60cm