• Till death do us part

    This series of side tables has its origins in a research project I did during my master’s degree. During my daily bike rides, I noticed how much furniture is thrown away every week. In particular, I came across many cupboards in every size. These exclusively made of chipboard. Sheet material with a wooden chip core and laminated with a plastic layer. As these two materials are glued together, they cannot be separated and therefore cannot be recycled. As a result, the material ends up in the waste incineration plant. This design is an exploration of how materials can be connected without gluing them together. It’s substructure is made out of steel. The tabletop carries a layer of linoleum held in place by a number of clamps. Linoleum is a durable material. Its production is entirely CO2-neutral and very hard-wearing. After use, the two materials can be separated or, if desired, adjusted according to taste. Either way, the materials can be separated and therefore recycled.

    With a big thanks to Forbo Linoleum

    tabletop Ø37cm / height: 40 cm
    material: steel, linoleum