Originally a storage for reading materials such as books, magazines and newspapers; Zin functions as well as a coffee table.... View project


A table with three movable tabletops. This design incorporates accessories, holes and notches which make it adjustable to multiple use.... View project

Inside Vase

A vase comprised of a glass tube inside another, designed to carry a single flower but also a bouquet. The... View project

Precious Memory’s

Beautiful moments to remember are making a lifetime precious. Photographs, drawings or postcards are held between glass and aluminium, fixed... View project

Back-to-Basic desk

A desk inspired on the design of the ‘Back-to-Basic’ lamp. Just simple holes and notches offer the possibility to attach... View project


‘What if, we don’t like it anymore’. Is a general statement in order to decide to choose a coloured piece... View project

Urban nomad

Urban Nomad

Working at the same place every day is history. Nowadays an office can exist out of no more than a... View project

The Low Lands

This surprising design has been inspired by the Dutch history, in particular the founding father of The Netherlands; William I,... View project

The story continues

The story continues with new chapters. Every chapter tells it’s own story. material: used furniture Click here to spoil yourself... View project


„Foldable“ is a table that defines the function of a table in a completely new way. It surprises with its... View project


Like the books are telling stories so would the tables if they could. A book rack made of old tables.... View project


The table top of this table is also a table cloth. Also on this table is a subtle silkscreenprint made.... View project


In the summer of 2006 I joined a project from DDID in Indonesia and worked in a group of four... View project


This tray consists of single squared timber that is glued on cloth. The cloth keeps the squared timber together. If... View project


This table ware allows a carriage of little messages or simply your name. In collaboration with Anna Maschmann & BFGF

Side open vase

The strength of design lies in simplicity. With ‘Less is more’ an additional feature got created of which one wonders... View project